Consultancy, advice and accompaniment in the development and implementation of Energy projects

  • Market analysis and studies

  • Opportunities detection.

  • Business plan development.

  • Financial analysis.

  • Technical and Economic projects feasibility.

  • Logistic studies.

  • Procurement and supply strategies.

  • Engineering and construction review.

  • Legal advice and support.

  • Projects Implementation

Intelligence, development and implementation of  Commercial Strategies

Assessment of maintenance programs, operations, measurement processes and systems
for both LPG facilities and auto-tanks, avoiding risks and damages to the safety and health of persons, living beings, the environment and work facilities

Inspection and maintenance-control programs based on Mexican and international official norms

  • Electrical Engineering.

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Instrumentation and Control Engineering

  • Quality standards

  • Process Engineering.

    planta de Gas LP

    Camión auto-tanque de combustible o Gas LP

Legal advice on applicable energy norms


  • Hydrocarbons Exploration and Extraction

  • Recognition and surface exploration.

  • Marketing activities related to hydrocarbons, natural gas, petrochemicals, and Oil products.

  • Projects feasibility.

  • Transport services.

  • Storage.

  • Distribution

  • Retail


  • Electrical energy generation projects.

  • Cogeneration and independent electrical energy production projects, self-consumption, export, import and other modalities regarding electrical Energy.

  • Contracts

  • Production and transmission of electrical energy.

  • Backup.

  • Interconnection.

  • Purchase and sale of surplus electrical energy

  • Electrical energy independent production

Management and intermediation with Energy Sector Authorithies

  • SENER Licenses & procedures

    • Export and import Hydrocarbons License

    • Social Impact

  • CRE Licenses & procedures

    • Licenses for Commercialization, Storage, Transportation, Distribution, Public Expedition, etc.


    • Measurement Management System

    • Quality sampling and analysis

  • ASEA Licenses & procedures

    • Environmental Impact (MIA / IP)

    • Risk Analysis

    • Environmental Studies

    • Contingency Plan

    • Accident Prevention Program

    • Enrollment as Generator of Hazardous Waste

    • Unique Environmental License

    • Annual Operating License

    • Industrial Safety, Operational Safety and Environmental Protection Administration System (SASISOPA)


Accompaniment, review and representation in public tender processes.

Advice and support in the business operation.

  • Audit for ensuring the entire celebrated contracts fulfillment, as well as the legal provisions governing the Energy Sector.

  • Business operation legal assistance.

  • Tax Advice

  • Fiscal advocacy

  • Payroll process

  • Transfer pricing studies

  • Audit for local and federal tax purposes

  • Financial audits

  • Expert opinions.

  • Accounting matters

  • Taxes

  • Labor issues

planta de Gas LP

Training on Energy Topics

  • Hydrocarbons

  • Electricity