Privacy Notice

I. In compliance with the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (hereinafter the “Act”), hereby presents a Privacy Notice (hereinafter the “Notice “), which states the following for your comprehension:


II. STRATEGIC BUSINESS CONSULTING AND SERVICES S.A De C.V, located at Avenida Ejército Nacional 216 12th Floor Office 1211, Colonia Anzures, Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico, Mexico City, ZIP 11590, is held responsible for the safekeeping (the expression “safekeeping” designated by Article 3, section XVIII of the “Law “) of personal data, sensitive material, financial knowledge and proprietary information, (hereinafter the “Data”) as may be provided by individuals, customers, suppliers, employees, and /or any person who is required to provide the before mentioned information (hereinafter the ” Holder” ). The “data” provided will not be used with personal intent, and will be collected personally, as well as through our website and / or otherwise allowed by the “Act”.


III. The presented ” data” shall be employed and limited to project development:

(i) Submission of information provided for employment;

(ii) Any procedure related to complying established obligations is to be executed before the: Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, (IMSS), the Instituto del Fondo Nacional de Vivienda para los Trabajadores (INFONAVIT), Servicio de Administración Tributaria (SAT), Fondo Nacional para el Consumo de los Trabajadores (FONACOT), and / or any other government agency;

( iii ) Granting of credits and / or loans ;

( iv ) Client information provided for the development of new products and services ;

( v ) delivery and / or reception of products; (vi ) Contribution in offers and / or promotions;

( vii ) Invitations to educational, sporting , social, cultural or similar events ;

( viii ) Customer service ;

( ix ) Sending advertising through any media outlet; ( x ) Market research ;

( xi ) Complying with contractual clauses and relationships and/ or agreements in adherence to the Mexican law ;

( xii ) Information regarding records of employees and / or corporate books according to the Federal Labor Law and the General Law of Commercial Societies;

( xiii ) And any other similar to the above.


IV . In the event that STRATEGIC BUSINESS CONSULTING AND SERVICES S.A DE C.V, intends to give purpose other than that indicated in the “Notice ” and is not compatible or alike to those described in the advance, the ” Holder” shall be informed and / or consent will be required for the exercise of the new order, providing the date in which new policies will takes effect. The notice for the application of new policies will be noted:

( i ) In a personal manner, through a written document ;

( ii ) Through our website ;

( iii ) Through any other mean permitted by the law .


V . The ” data” owned by STRATEGIC BUSINESS AND CONSULTING SERVICES, SA DE CV, or that is collected at this time or later will be properly secured, conserved and protected by the Department of Protection of Personal Data within STRATEGIC BUSINESS CONSULTING AND SERVICES, SA DE CV, (hereinafter the “Department” ) during the time required to fulfill due process, granting access only to employees and personnel duly authorized by a confidentiality manifesto, to whom technological and tangible media has been provided to preventing their loss, misuse , alteration , disclosure or theft .


VI . With the acceptance of this ” notice ” you agree and consent to the transfer of data without limitation for affiliates and / or subsidiaries, and foreign or national third parties, that have a contractual legal relationship, for both individuals or entities, with STRATEGIC BUSINESS CONSULTING AND SERVICES LTD , noting that no consent shall be required to perform data transfer when circumstances may arise described in the 37th article of the “Law”.


VII . The ” holder” of information in their own right or through a representative, commencing January 6th, 2012 may apply for access, alteration, cancelation or opposition (hereinafter ” Rights Arco” ) of the “Data ” by any of the following means:

( i ) By written application addressed generically to the “Department”: STRATEGIC BUSINESS AND CONSULTING SERVICES, SA DE CV , with the following address : Avenida Ejercito Nacional Number 216 12th Floor Office 1211 , Colonia Anzures, Miguel Hidalgo , in Mexico , Distrito Federal , Zip Code 11590 , from 9:00am to 18:00pm on weekdays ;

( ii ) Through a written request sent via email to: , from 9:00am to 18:00pm on weekdays . Applications submitted must meet the requirements established by Article 29th of the “Law” which states: (a) The holder’s name and address or other means necessary to communicate the response to the request; ( b ) documents providing proof of identity or , where appropriate , legal representation of the “holder”;

( iii ) a clear and precise description of the “Data” for which there seeks to exercise any of the above rights , and ;

( iv ) Any other item or document that aids in locating the “Data” . After the necessary paperwork takes place, the “Department” shall inform the ” Holder” of the resolution within the time frame set by Article 32 of the same law. If the ” Holder” does not receive a response within the period specified and / or is not in accordance with the resolution that has been provided, or believes that there was a violation of their ” Rights Arco”, in acceptance with the terms provided by the “Act”, may file complaint or grievance at the Federal Institute of Access to Information and Data Protection (IFAI ) .